Angular UI

The Angular-based Web UI provides all means for easy configuration and deployment of your products and applications.

Powerful distributed storage

The storage backend BHive provides inherent data de-duplication in a high performance, distributed, delta-based storage network.


BDeploy uses the BHive delta-transfer mechanics to provide minimal updates throughout a whole network of nodes participating in deployments.

Online application configuration

Simple, yet powerful
application configuration.

All-in-one tooling to configure applications based on their capabilities.

Applications are bundles to products. Products are available to be instantiated using the configuration UI. These instances are then deployed to single or multi node BDeploy setups.

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Hassle-free integration of your product

Describe the command line parameters and configuration of your applications in a YAML file. BDeploy will provide its configuration, installation and process control features for your product.


Server and client applications bundled together

Make BDeploy manage and run your server applications and allow users to download client applications bundled in a single product sharing the same configuration.


Easy provisioning of a new version or configuration

Provide a new version of a deployed product and activate an updated instance configuration. BDeploy will take care about updating server as well as client applications. Fast and seamless downgrades are supported equally well.


Built-in delta-transfer and de-duplication

The base BHive technology provides built-in data de-duplication based on Merkle Hash Trees. This allows for minimal data transfers for updates.


Control your deployment centrally or locally

BDeploy allows to control multiple managed BDeploy installations from a central server. Managed servers work and can be controlled locally without a permanent connection nevertheless.


Open source, extensible

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