# Key Features

Angular UI
 The Angular-based Web UI provides all means for easy configuration and deployment of your products and applications.

Powerful Storage
 The storage backend provides data de-duplication in a high performance, distributed, delta-based storage network.

 BDeploy uses a delta-transfer mechanics to provide minimal updates throughout a whole network of nodes participating in deployments.

Easy Of Use
 BDeploy's declarative nature makes it easy to define applications, products and everything around them like templates for ease of use.

 BDeploy is by nature decentralized. A CENTRAL variant of the BDeploy server provides a centralized UI for decentralized setups.

Flexible Installations
 By using a flexible mix of NODE, MANAGED and CENTRAL servers, many different deployment scenarios involving multiple locations and physical or virtual machines.

Visit the official homepage https://bdeploy.io to get the latest release as well as more information about all features that make BDeploy unique.